Jun 10, 2017

Thor at work



Thor bringing the thunder



Jun 12, 2017

Loving the head-gear Thor! Are you off for a spot of tennis after your gig? :-)

Jun 13, 2017

Ha no just saving my eyes from getting a sweat soaking, I need to see what I'm bashing on the skins

New Posts
  • Alison Haley
    Jun 9, 2017

    The PommyGranites are always looking to add new songs to their set list. What would you like to hear them play?
  • Alison Haley
    Jun 8, 2017

    We're chuffed to have a place that people can put any comments, photos or thoughts about The PommyGranites' gigs, ask the band questions and generally chat about songs you like - or would like the band to add - and find out more about what the band is up to. Here's a picture from our last gig at 'Rock the Locks' last weekend (28th May 2017). Loved this venue - really well organised and we had a great crowd.